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 Welcome to the II COCORA ECATERINA-ADELINA website!


II Cocora Ecaterina-Adelina is a HR recruitment boutique agency operating international. We have been helping great candidates meet great companies since 2011.  We work with a wide range of clients across multiple industries. Our candidates come from different countries and have different levels of qualification. They may be suitable for positions that are related with their personal and professional experience, from juniors to seniors, from executive positions to top management. Our goal is to recommend each of them where the match reaches the maximum level.Whether you are a job seeker, or an employer, will satisfy all your recruitment needs.

What we offer:

Free services for job seekers. 

Access to a large database of vacancies and candidates. 

Head hunting & Executive search.


People are the key point of any business.


Into the top business rankings are those companies that have the best people not the ones with the largest capital. Determinant in business is the quality of human resources, not artificial intelligence robots / technology because these are also created by humans.

Success and prosperity in business depends on human resources, but it is not enough. It is necessary for each person to reach where she / he can give the maximum yield, where it can be totally worthwhile.

We believe in the uniqueness of each

individual and in his capacity for self-improvement.

Individual potential capitalization depends on the suitability of behavioral traits to the environment and always leads to professional fulfillment and at the same time to the success of the company.

 E4es offers recruiting services based on a dedicated search for staff with various specializations at any hierarchical level. With a high level of human resources expertise, taking advantage of the industry-leading experience in the field (Addeco, Manpower), we ensure you that each project is unique and we consider it a real challenge. Our goal is to identify, evaluate, attract and secure the best talent available at a specific moment and in the shortest time possible.

Remember what, Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive of the Amazon, once said: "I prefer to interview 50 people and not to hire anyone but to hire the wrong person." Unfortunately, the consequences of inappropriate employment are severe: hiring costs, training costs, lost productivity, risk of losing customers and so on. What many managers mistakenly assume is that training, incentives and disciplinary action will change the wrong people, helping them integrate. There is this belief that, over time, people can change their behavior. "They can only if they want," but always with costs and efforts supported by both sides, efforts that can be avoided by proper employment. For a short period of time it can be a solution, not for the long-term.

Always remember, there is no good or bad behavior, but there are a lot of people in the wrong places. Companies need to find employees that fit in all aspects: BEHAVIOR and SKILLS needed for the position.

Naturally and in accordance with what somebody said, I do not remember who, about behavioral recruitment: "Do not worry about learning an old dog to do a new trick for. Find a "dog" who loves to do the tricks you want." If you start with the right person, management is infinitely easier.





Do you want to have the best and most suitable people?

Do you want to be a successful manager?


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