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Compatibilities related to the life, culture, emotional and spiritual intelligence of each individual depends on the success of recruitment including the ability of new individuals to integrate and build correct relationships. We know that we ensure a minimum fluctuation of staff being convinced that people never leave a company. PEOPLE ARE LEAVING PEOPLE. As a result, to find the right person for a job, we need to have an exact idea of the qualities, skills and abilities, the hierarchical or horizontal relationship that it entails.


Recruiting and selection based on neuroscientific evaluation, with PRISM Brain Mapping, enables you to capitalize on the individual strengths, enabling the achieving of maximum potential.

We provide a remarkable tool for identifying and evaluating people's behavioural preferences based on brain structure and activity with implications upon both individual and organizational HR activities (job benchmarking, personal development, performance appraisal, career planning, talent development, conflict management, organizational climate, leadership development, team building, mental toughness etc.).


Compatibility and behavioural adequacy largely contribute to providing the right work environment and the climate that provides the best ground for meeting organizational goals.


Passing through an evaluation process, the candidate receives a certification that ensures her / his suitability with the new job and the organization receives a certification related to the suitability of the potential new employee, with the organizational values, the team and the tasks of the job he / she is pursuing for.