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About us

The company was set up in 2011 from the desire to provide the best business consultancy with the best performing tools available internationally.

At the same time, we have created tools that accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of organizations in terms of both human resources and activities and processes.

With respect for people and their work, our solutions are the optimal and natural ones to the demands and challenges that our customers face. Our innovative, flexible, out-of-the-box approach and continuously learning are the sources for solving our customers’ needs in a customized way.

We are proud to be different.


What characterizes us?


Our activity has a direct impact on the daily experience of our clients. Therefore, we strive to provide the best recruitment and evaluation solutions for our clients, companies or candidates, around the world.


We are oriented towards results, people and processes. We offer team-oriented people who get performance, independent of a hierarchy. We call on those who love to always be the best.


We believe that, by doing an excellent job, we build our success. At E4es, we have the resources, the support for learning and the environment necessary to recruit and select people for whom the well-done work, the honesty, the adaptability and the desire to continuously learn are fundamental existential values.


We make things that make sense to become values. We offer solutions that improve our client’s experience. Finding practical and affordable solutions is our everyday life, and what is significant to our customers becomes a priority for all of us. We really listen and understand the needs of our customers.


Becoming a market leader is our goal. For this our solutions will be fast, flexible and suitable for the future. We will constantly reinvent ourselves - we will always be keen to learn, to modernize ourselves and our technologies seeking to remain at the forefront of international recruitment.


How do we do it?

E4es is a recruitment and evaluation boutique company founded with the strong belief that we live and work in a world where survival depends on hiring people willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain low costs, determined to maintain a high quality and in the same time continuously looking for new ways to provide value.

Consequently, we will look for people who are willing to think and behave as true business owners.

This requires a little more than automatic compliance: BEHAVIOR. Skills are trained. We are looking for those people who prefer to take their personal responsibility for the job and provide the highest quality.